Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2019

Saturday, September 21st is the 17th Annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day.

Observed annually on the third Saturday in September, the day encourages you to make a promise, not just to your loyal hound, but to all of those who may be affected by him. Dogs bring many benefits into our lives and to ensure they remain healthy, happy and safe; we need to be on the look out for their well-being and the well-being of those around them.  Many do not take into consideration all the care involved when taking in a canine companion.  Their size, energy, medical care, temperament, and many other needs are the dog owner’s responsibility.

Come in and register yourself as a responsible dog owner; sign your Pet Promise, a vow you make to always be the BEST responsible dog owner you can be.  We will post it on our store window!  We hope to cover the shop with signed promises.


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