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International Homeless Animals Day 2018

Saturday, August 18th is International Homeless Animals Day.

The ISAR (International Society for Animal Rights) conceived and began International Homeless Animals’ Day (IHAD) in 1992.  Since that time, ISAR’s International Homeless Animals’ Day Observances have consistently grown in number.  They bring people all over the world together to shed light on pet overpopulation and the spay/neuter solution.  By now, IHAD events have been celebrated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, in over 50 countries and on 6 continents, saving millions of animals’ lives.

ISAR is solemnly dedicated to keeping the issue of dog and cat overpopulation before the public until victory is achieved and humane societies can return to their purpose of preventing suffering instead of being exhausted by ceaseless killing.

To find out more, or to help in overpopulation efforts, you can go to the ISAR's website at:

The International Homeless Animals Day page:

Or connection with them through their Facebook page:



Furry Ferret Meet & Greet and Adoption

Furry Ferret Rescue will return to Airedale Antics on Sunday, August 19th for another Meet & Greet and Adoption Event.

The ferrets will be here from 11am to 2pm.

Come find your new forever ferret, have your ferret's nails trimmed, or just meet the group and learn about volunteer opportunities.

Check out the ferrets currently available at this page:


For more information on Furry Ferret Rescue, please go to their website:


National Dog Day 2018

Sunday, August 26th is National Dog Day.

National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed, and serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year either from public shelters, rescues, and pure breed rescues. National Dog Day honors family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe, and bring comfort. Dogs put their lives on the line every day - for their law enforcement partner, for their blind companion, for the disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting bombs and drugs, and pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage.

To learn more, check out the official site ...




Nail Trim Sunday

Sunday, August 26th from 1pm - 5pm we will be having our monthly nail trimming session.

$5 for dog or cat.  Rabbits and ferrets are welcome too.

 Cash only, please.

All proceeds this month will benefit Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption (ATRA).



Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2018

Tuesday, August 28th is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day sets aside a day to remember the pet companions we’ve lost.  Whether furry, feathered, or an uncommon variety, we feel the loss of a pet deeply.  They become family and a familiar part of our lives.  Mourning their death is different for everyone and Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day provides a way to help heal the ache of loss.

On this day, celebrate the home you provided to that special companion and the joy your beloved pet brought you in return.



Labor Day 2018

The store will be closed on Monday, September 3rd, 2018 for Labor Day.

Have a safe and restful holiday!



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